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Down at Mary O's

by Kyle Douglas Harrison

Down At Mary O's

written by Kyle Douglas Harrison

If you're feeling blue and you need a picker-upper
I know just the place to get a Guinness or some supper
You take the F to Second Ave and walk across to A
Tonight you'll find more Craic here than on Saint Patrick's Day

You walk in and you smell the cider warming in the pot
And when you taste the whiskey, oh it really hits the spot!
It's here that you can make the highest-highs from the lows
Oh, nobody is down when they're Down at Mary O's!

James in the middle, and Brendan to his right
Felicia's on the fiddle cross from Caitlin here tonight
Katie's up and dancing with Chris and his guitar
And Mimi must remind us, "Now, remember this is a bar!"

Erin and Bob say bonjour and Fang's fiddling away
Virginia shouts across the room, "This tune's in the key of A!"
And Kyle's in the corner pushing keys cause he knows
The music's always upbeat when you're down at Mary O's!

We play the Maid Behind the Bar, the Kesh, the Wedding Reel
And when we sing The Parting Glass, how somber do we feel!
The jigs are always joyful, we play the reels with care
But the polkas always lead to someone dancing on the chair

So grab a pint and take a seat beside the candlelight
Even if you're new here, you're a friend of ours tonight!
You could search the whole world through, but there's one thing that I know
You'll never find another place that like our Mary O's!
Oh, the music's always upbeat when you're Down at Mary O's!
Oh, nobody is down when they're Down at Mary O's!!!